During this phase the children enter the foundation stage of their education which plays a vital role in every child’s life. The environment of the kindergarten at CEHS motivates children to explore and think creatively and critically. Emphasis is given on active learning through play way method.
The prime focus is on the children’s communication and language, physical, personal, social and emotional development. The learning objectives are framed to improve the basic literacy and mathematics. It also creates awareness on the world around them and interest towards to arts. The curriculum is designed to support a smooth transition of children from Kindergarten to Grade 1. The assessment is ongoing through continuous monitoring.


ENGLISH Communication and Language ELG 01 Listening and attention
ELG 02 Understanding
ELG 03 Speaking
Literacy ELG 09 Reading
ELG 10 Writing
MATHS Mathematics ELG 11 Numbers
ELG 12 Shapes, space and measures
EVS Understanding the World ELG 13 People and Communities
ELG 14 The World
ELG 15 Technology
ACTIVITY Personal,Social and emotional development ELG 06 Self-confidence and Self- awareness
ELG 07 Managing feelings and behaviour
ELG 08 Making relationships
ART/COLOUR Expressive arts and design ELG 16 Exploring and using media and materials
ELG 17 Being imaginative
PE Physical Development ELG 04 Moving and Handling
ELG 05 Health and Self-care