Code Of Conduct

We at CEHS believe that school is a place for teaching and learning; a place where students have the right to feel safe, secure and supported. A supportive learning environment and mutual respect among all the members of the school community is essential. Our school code of conduct is based on the belief that there are values fundamental to the well-being of both individual and society. The code encourages students to recognize and respect diversity and differences. In the process, we want students to develop self-discipline, which is the cornerstone of personal development. Any act of indiscipline or misconduct affects the learning environment.

We expect our students to maintain and encourage high standards of personal conduct. These include discipline, decency, decorum, courtesy, civility, honesty, integrity, respect, consideration, ethics and human values.

Students are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves with dignity and poise, to be polite and respectful to their elders and to be kind and co-operative with their fellow students.
  • Greet visitors to the school and members of the staff with respect.
  • Give due respect to school perfects and other badge bearers.
  • Respect and abide by the laws of the land and rules of regulations of the school.
  • Be considerate to the needs and feelings of others.
  • Be aware of their own cultural heritage and take pride in it.
  • To be socially responsible.
  • To safeguard and preserve school property.
  • To maintain cleanliness in the campus.
  • To maintain regularity in academic and non-academic activities.
  • To follow the general instructions given in the school by teachers and leaders.
  • To maintain cleanliness of the classroom.
  • To submit school assignments on time.
  • To maintain discipline in the corridor while shifting classes in between periods.
  • To refrain from bullying in the school premises and school bus.
  • To take care of juniors in school and in bus.