Parental Engagement

Parents’ support is inevitable to create a positive impact on student progress. It has been a widely accepted fact that consistent parental engagement impacts on student achievement, results in higher grades at the same time improves effort, attitude, confidence, attendance, social skills, life choices and behaviour. We expect our parents to encourage learning through sharing their learning experiences and also to develop conversations, which will reflect in learning. At CEHS our objective is to meet with close link parental involvement in all aspects of learning like home tasks, assessments, newsletters, events and celebrations, social media, curriculum enrichment programmes etc. to reach the highest peaks of hierarchy.

The school has active Parent Representative and Parent Volunteer Groups. Parents’ are regularly seen in school attending assemblies and performances, supporting in activity days etc.. Parents get more opportunities to involve in the school activities and express their feedback and ideas for school improvement plans.

A range of parental engagement programs like student teaching parent, digital days, involvement of PTA members to address other parents during open house, extended development group, parental orientations, involvement of parents in SEN celebrations, prize days, investiture ceremony, sport events, graduation days, annual day, other enrichment programs etc. will remain as ongoing priorities.

The main role of the PTA is to build strong working relationships among parents, teachers and school, in support of students. They communicate and cooperate to support the plans of the school community in order to increase the quality of education and success of the students. They met at regular intervals to study and discuss all matters related to the welfare of the children and to support and enrich teaching and learning experiences. They are part of all major events in the school. PTA members extend voluntary support to attend other parents’ during parent counseling session.

EDG (Extended Development Group)
Experts from the community of different professional background contribute to building positive community links and school reform initiatives. The members pool in their ideas to arrive at a better development strategy for the various initiatives of the school.