Policy On Behaviour


  • Students must follow the queue system while boarding and alighting the bus.
  • Give respect to the driver and conductor by wishing them and thanking them.
  • Start occupying the bus from the last row and last seat. Avoid reserving seats for others. Allow the next student getting in, to sit next to you.
  • Do not fight or create rush in the bus.
  • Students are not permitted to change the school bus and assigned bus stops. Any change in the bus and but stop will be permitted only after the school approves a written request by the parent.
  • Students may not enter or leave the bus at any place except the students regular bus stop or school unless the student has a note from home that has been approved by Principal.
  • Students must stay in their seat while the bus is in motion.
  • Student must keep the aisle of the bus clear at all times. Items such as books bags must not block the aisle.
  • Student must obey all bus safety and follow the directions of the bus driver.
  • Students must not litter inside the bus, throw anything out of the window or cause damage to the bus.
  • No bullying, No verbal assault of personnel on the bus.
  • Use of electronic and reflective devices that might distract and disturb the driver while driving, is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must not eat or play games while in the bus.


  • Students must move in a single line and join assembly in time. They must maintain silence.
  • Be attentive during the Prayer and National Anthem.
  • Listen carefully to all announcements and act accordingly.
  • After the assembly, students must silently move in a single line to the classroom.
  • No one is allowed to stay back in a class during assembly time.